Are all the scales tipping back towards Local?

In terms of information exchange we live in a global village. The world wide web gives us a space to roam on a planetary level and a focus well beyond our immediate surrounds.
As consumers we buy online and take international shipping in our stride. We associate greater choice and value with the global playground.
We have got used to travelling beyond our local surrounds with a feeling that the bigger world is there to serve us.
However, it is obvious that our limitless world has built in limitations. Out there in the global village, automation thrives, but connection is an endangered species. We have outsourcing, call centres, automated emails, and layer upon layer of operatives who don’t know us.
Our preoccupation with wider horizons has led us back to a realisation:

There’s no place like home.

You may never need to walk into a local business to take up an issue with the proprietor, but the very fact that you can do so and engage on a personal level defines the nature of that business. That business is reachable, accountable and safer to deal with.
Local is an attitude – a search for specialty, for custom service and for kindred spirit.
Local is the next revolution.

We have included this article and our Local Talk section of our website to float a few thought-provoking ideas out in the open for your entertainment. If you found this interesting, feel free to comment and keep an eye out for regular articles of this nature.

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