If you are leasing a property in our area, we are the agency for you.
The case for location based management has never been stronger, as the industry lurches towards super-sized property managers.
We have seen that systems and automation can produce a drive-thru burger, but property management offers a much greater human challenge. We have the people to handle that challenge.
That is why our philosophy is different, with an attitude for personal service where our People are in the foreground handling issues and Systems are in the background. Not the other way around!
Our Property Management model is NOT the Industry Model!
It means doing things which are considered uneconomic within the Industry Model, but these are services which we feel are extremely valuable for landlords and we provide them at no extra charge.
Are they the cheapest fees? – Possibly so….but maybe not on first glance, based on some of the rates being used to lure clients!
The answer is not how much you invest, but rather how much you get back that determines value.
At The Local Agent co, you get back savings in a number of areas:
We save you fees by not charging outside of the %age commission. That means no other charges on an ongoing basis. Some agencies can be hiding the equivalent of an extra 1% or 2% commission in their add-on charges. With The Local Agent co, there are no monthly admin charges, financial year end charges, no postage, AND no renewal of lease charges. Simply put, there are no sneaky charges! The bigger savings come from good service.
We save you lost rent by our close attention to the process of finding new tenants;
We save you the cost of wasted maintenance and ensure the reward of good maintenance with our effective management;
We save you stress with our speed of response and direct access to our whole team.

I might be giving away our trade secret here but we greatly appreciate our landlords AND we also greatly appreciate our tenants!
If you want to know more, give us a call on 07 38480202 or email and we will happily show you how that extra value can help you.