Our Gift

We are going to support local business.


Local businesses add character to a community.

Imagine a whole suburb without them – we would call that a housing estate!
Like local schools, Local businesses serve their locality, providing convenience and specialty. They develop very much with their community.

There is courage, inspiration and energy behind every local business. We know some of them are struggling. It is sad to see any local business close down. A friendly business in your neighbourhood is a blessing. It should be cherished. It should be protected. It should be supported.

We mean it, when we say LOCAL is something to stand for. Words are not enough. We want to really STAND FOR LOCAL. We want to DO SOMETHING!

We are going to support local business. When you sell with The Local Agent, we want to know your favourite local business. We will gift $500 to that business.
It is a pure and simple gift with no strings attached. If you cannot choose, we will nominate for you. What we care about is that an active local business gets celebrated and supported.
From our Principal, Ed Trendall:

“I know what it feels like to build a local business. I know the feeling of support. I can’t think of anything better than to channel that feeling. These gifts are the happiest cheques I will ever sign!”

You’ll see your favourite local businesses on our facebook page: Thelocalagent
and messages via twitter @thelocal_agent